"No matter how terrified you may be, own your fear and take that leap anyway because whether you land on your feet or on your butt, the journey is well worth it."
-- Laurie Laliberte
"If your dreams do not scare you, they are not big enough."
-- Ellen Johnson Sirleaf
"Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage."
-- Anais Nin

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hard at Work for You!

I was just thinking that it looks as though I'm neglecting my blog.  Perhaps I am just a bit, but it's for a few good reasons:

Grandpa's Sweater Set
First, I've been hard at work developing new patterns to bring to my faithful followers.  I've already posted my newest kitchen set, "Grandpa's Sweater," on RavelryEtsy, and Addoway.  As has become my standard, the set consists of a scrubby, pot holder, and towel with variations in the patterns to accommodate certain preferences.  Each element is also available separately.  By the way, if you utilize any of the links and you're told the item has sold, simply check the shop.  If I've sold it, I've relisted it and the URL has changed.  Of course, you may email me for assistance at any time.

Broken Links Set
Another set that will be posted any minute now is the "Broken Links" collection.  This one was sort of a transition from my usual bumpy scrubbies to the aran influence of Grandpa's Sweater.  I love that the bumpy side of the pot holder is thick enough that it makes a great pocket style hot pad.  You see, I'm not one to use an oven mitt; I prefer a double thick pot holder that I can slide over my hand.  That's why I offer that option in the instructions for most of my hot pads.  One note of caution:  Not every design or yarn will protect your hands sufficiently in a single layer, so please use common sense when creating any of these items in your home.  (As the proud auntie I feel the need to mention that the apples in that picture were picked by my nephews and niece.)

Of course, as I promised last month, a third installment of the "Big Girl Kitchen Collection" will be posted at no cost here on the blog, so keep one eye open for that.
Big Girl Pot Holder/Hot Pad
Last, an item I'm perfecting as we speak is a set of three scrubbies done in the simplest of stitches with the beginner or the I-just-want-a-brain-dead-easy-pattern-for-in-front-of-the-TV crocheter. This idea came to me as I read an email from Linda, a terrific lady who tested the Grandpa's Sweater scrubby.  That's all the detail I'm willing to reveal for now because the only thing I like better than receiving a happy surprise, is bestowing one.  Call me a tease if you must but, "You get what you get and you don't get upset."  (That's what my five year old nephew tells me, anyhow.)

Before I go, I'd like to open a discussion:  As we round out the Big Girl Kitchen Collection this month, what would you like to see next?  Shall I continue with this particular theme and do something along the lines of placemats? coasters? a table runner?  Or would you prefer something completely different?  This is all for you; so voice your opinion.  I've got plenty of ideas rolling around in my brain; tell me which one to pull out next!

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  1. hmmm.... what next? I have no idea! I say -- coasters! Or a scarf. Scarves are pretty :) Good luck girlie!