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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Get It Together (free tutorial for assembling the Blog Collection Windmill Bag)

Okay, last week you got the pattern for the panels of the Windmill Bag based on my signature, Blog Collection, motif. This week, I'm going to show you how I assembled the bag. There are many, less complicated, ways of putting the pieces together, but I use this one because it only requires two seams. (We have already established that I hate to sew, right?)

If you're a newbie, I'd recommend trying a simpler assembly method first. You'll find numerous tutorials on various blogs and on Youtube.

Lay all four of your pieces out so they are set the same way. The bottom is your beginning chain; the top is Row 17.

On the bottom, place a marker at the 17th stitch from the left (mine is green). On the top, place a different colored marker at the 18th stitch from the right (mine is blue).

Lay your pieces out end-to-side as shown so they resemble a windmill. Attach them using your stitch markers. Each row at either end will require one stitch, hence the count of 17.

At the center (which will be your bottom), hold all 4 together with one marker.

Fold up your opposite ends and attach them to one another using the stitch markers so they resemble the picture that shows the assembled piece. The corner of one panel will meet the blue marker of the next panel. This will give you the zig-zag effect at the top. You may want to pin the sides or use additional stitch markers to hold them together as you might if you were sewing a fabric bag.

At this point, you should be able to visualize a finished sack.

Hold the bag inside out with right sides (outside) facing. *Attach your yarn with a slip stitch at the open end (top) of the bag through two layers and slip stitch the pieces together.

Continue stitching through the center where all four pieces join and end at the opposite side, on the top of the bag.

Repeat from the * for the remaining seam.

Note: Assuming the seams would go through quite a bit of strain, I chose to crochet through all 4 loops to give the bag more strength.

You should now have a sack that resembles the one pictured except for the border and shoulder straps.

I will publish the pattern/tutorial for the border and straps next week.

Happy Crocheting!

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