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Monday, July 25, 2011

Merry Christmas! (free crochet pattern)

Now really is the time that we should all be planning and starting any handmade holiday gifts. Most years I begin making mine in January because I have this procrastination problem. (The problem is that I have no difficulty procrastinating.) However, just like last year, I'm sure I'll still be crocheting like a mad woman on December 23rd rushing to finish that one last piece. Anyhow, now is a great time to start gathering yarns and patterns and planning your projects so you don't end up in a last minute crunch. This is why so many designers and crafters offer "Christmas in July" specials and why I'm posting a Christmas in July present for all of you. Enjoy!

Free Big Girl Scarf (#1) Crochet Pattern:

All instructions use American terminology and standard abbreviations

Supplies needed:
about 6-8 oz. or 3-4 balls of worsted weight cotton yarn
size I-9 (5.5 mm) crochet hook
stitch markers or lengths of scrap yarn (optional)
smaller hook or yarn needle for weaving in ends

A note about supplies:
Any worsted weight yarn will work for this project and gauge is not important. Some acrylics (such as Red Heart Super Saver) are a bit loftier than my favorite cotton so you may wish to go up a hook size to accommodate your yarn. Keep in mind that this will affect the finished size, but it's a scarf, so gauge really isn't crucial. You may also wish to pick up a few extra balls of yarn when you shop for this project since I hope (time permitting) to post matching mittens and a matching hat before Christmas.


Each row will have 219 stitches.

Row 1:  sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each ch across, turn

Row 2: ch1, sc in 1st ch, [ch1, sk next ch, sc in next ch] across ending w/sc, turn

Row 3: ch1, sc in 1st sc, [sc in ch1 sp, ch1, sk next sc] across ending w/sc in each of last 2 sc, turn

Row 4: ch1, sc in 1st sc, [ch1, sk next sc, sc in ch1 sp] across, sc in last sc, turn

Row 5: ch1, sc in each sc and ch1 sp across, turn

Row 6: ch1, working in back loops only sc in each st across, turn

Row 7: ch1, working in front loops only sc in each st across, turn

Row 8:  repeat Row 6

Row 9: ch1, working in front loops only sc in 1st st, [dc in next st, sc in next st] repeat to end, turn

Row 10: ch1, working in back loops only dc in 1st st, [sc in next st, dc in next st] repeat to end, turn

Rows 11-13:  repeat Rows 9-10 ending w/a Row 9

Row 14: ch1, working in back loops only sc in each st across, turn

Row 15: ch1, working in front loops only sc in each st across, turn

Rows 16-17: repeat Rows 14-15

Row 18: ch1, sc in 1st st, [ch1, sk next st, sc in next st] repeat to end, turn

Rows 19-21:  repeat Rows 3-5

finish off, weave in ends

Design Notes:
The finished project, as written, measures about 6 1/2" x 65". Increasing the length is easy; simply add 4 chains for each inch you want to increase.  Always increase by an even number of stitches.

I have made this pattern exactly once, directly from these instructions, and I love how it turned out. It has not yet been tested, so I would love your feedback. Please let me know if it requires any corrections.

Your input is more than welcome. Feel free to email me with photos or any questions regarding this pattern at BigGirlJewelry@yahoo.com or post a comment below.

Happy Crocheting!

By the way. . .Any pattern I design and post here is my property. Please do not duplicate my patterns for any reason especially to sell. Instead, please link to my blog or to the pattern page when referencing one of my patterns.
You are more than welcome to offer finished items made from my patterns for sale. I see no reason why you should not profit from your hard work. However, I'd really appreciate it if you gave me credit for the design; please reference my blog or the pattern page.
If you do make any of my patterns, I'd love to see your finished items; please feel free to email pictures to me.
If you are not interested in making your own pieces, I occasionally offer finished items in my shops. I also welcome special orders, so email me and let's work together.


  1. Very pretty. Thanks for sharing the pattern.

  2. Thank you, and thanks for stopping by, Sharon!

  3. Wow Love this! Great pattern!

  4. Thanks! At some point I'm going to make it again without making the front loop/back loop ridges because I love the way the back of this piece looks.

  5. Lovely! I am going to need to make 8 sets for Christmas. I can't wait to see the matching mittens and hat!! All for my 5 nieces, mother, sister and daughter. Thank you for sharing!

  6. Wow Mystie! You're going to be one busy lady.

  7. Have you worked up the gloves/mittens and hat yet? I got a ton of yarn to work with and decided to make the gifts right now because I am doing an anime con with my daughter for Christmas (really NYE but what is a few days difference).

  8. I expect to post the hat some time in October. The mittens are not guaranteed. They will be posted if and when time permits. I would like to have them available in early December, but again, I cannot promise that will happen.

  9. Thank you so much for creating and sharing your Big Girl Scarf #1 pattern. I downloaded it on July 27th and I am proud to say I've finished off my entire Christmas gift list for 2011 (a total of fifteen scarves).I'll be wrapping them within the next week and this year when Christmas Eve arrives,instead of crocheting like a mad women I can raise a hot toddy(or two)!! Again,thank you for sharing and do have a wonderful holiday season. Peace&Blessings.

  10. Wow 15! Were all of them the same pattern? I rarely make the same design twice. I bore easily. That's why you'll probably never see me design a sweater.

    Thanks for popping in and saying hello.

  11. I made this scaarf the same day I saw it. It worked up very easily and quickly. I went by the directions exactly and there were no differences. I love it! Thank you for such an easy project.

  12. Thank you so much for your kind words.

    For those of you waiting breathlessly, I'm working on the hat now. Trick or Treat!

  13. I'm a new at crocheting scarfs. This pattern looks easy/simple for someone like me. Thank you for posting your pattern as a free crochet pattern. Smile!

  14. Thank you for taking a moment to stop and say hello! I try to keep my patterns as uncomplicated as possible, but I do sell a few that are geared toward more experienced beginners rather than true newbies.

  15. wonderfull, i´ll try to do it, thanks for share the pattern.

    1. Good luck and thank you for taking the time to stop by.

  16. I have done the scarf, if you want you can see it in my blog. thanks.

  17. ( http://amigurumisjuani.blogspot.com.es/ ) my blog.

    1. They look terrific. Thank you so much for coming back to show off your handiwork.

      For anyone else who might be following this conversation, Juani72 actually made two scarves, one green and one red, and here are the two links where you may see them:
      Green -- http://amigurumisjuani.blogspot.com.es/2014/02/bufanda-free-big-girl-scarf-by-laurie.html
      Red -- http://amigurumisjuani.blogspot.com.es/2014/02/bufanda-roja.html

      Her blog is in Spanish, but Chrome can translate it for you well enough that you know what she's talking about. Again, thank you for sharing, Juani!

  18. Thank you I love the way it came out made it for my daughter would like hat and gloves to go with it.

    1. Hi Victoria! I'm glad you like it. There are two matching hat patterns here on the blog, but I don't do gloves, so that is not likely to be a part of the collection.

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