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-- Laurie Laliberte
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-- Ellen Johnson Sirleaf
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Sunday, July 29, 2012

We're Expanding!

I am crazy excited about this. I've gone on numerous times and talked about my job as the Head of Editing Services for the Kindle All-Stars organization, but nothing makes me happier than to say that we've built up enough of the business end to warrant pulling in a few associate editors to carry some of the workload. The details are below.

Reliable, Affordable, Invaluable
  • Suffering from one-star reviews?
  • Readers complaining that your book was not proofread?
  • High rate of return?
The single biggest complaint authors receive from readers is that their books are not properly edited. Let the Kindle All-Stars turn your book into the professional product it needs to be in order to compete. 
There is a glut of free books on Amazon right now, as well as .99 wonders that are leaving readers confused and desperate for quality reads. The simple fact is that if your book has not been professionally edited, it is not ready for publication. 
  • What About the Cost?
Of all the investments you should make in your book, editing is the most important. There are multiple services out there that provide varying qualities and costs, but at the KAS we offer a pre-arranged fixed price and a proven track record.  
KAS editors will help your individual voice to shine through during the initial draft and provide a final proofread to make sure your book is publication-ready.
Contact Laurie Laliberte at KindleAllStars@gmail.com today to take the first step toward making your book a best-seller.   
For a current list of books edited by the Kindle All-Stars, see below.

Laurie Laliberte is the Head of Editing Services for the KAS. Read her essays about Editing to get a better idea of what to expect here and here.


By Tony Healey:
"Burial" (Mar 2012) -- edit, proofread
"Dark Orb" (April 20112) -- edit, proofread
The Stars My Redemption (May 2012) -- edit, proofread
Double Feature (June 2012) -- edit, proofread
tutti frutti (July 2012) -- edit, proofread
Far From Home: Legend -- edit, proofread still in progress

By David Hulegaard:
"The Night Shift" (Jan 2012) -- edit, proofread

By Kindle All-Stars:
Resistance Front (Dec 2011) -- edit, proofread

By Laurie Laliberte 
"Fear of the Dark" (Apr 2012) -- edit, proofread
Quick Crochet for Kitchen and Bath (June 2012) -- edit, proofread
Strange Kisses (June 2012) -- edit, proofread

By Jon F. Merz:
Zombie Ryu (July 2012) -- proofread

By Shaina Richmond:
Safe With Me: Complete Collection -- edit, proofread still in progress

By Richard Roberts:
Wild Children, first edition (Oct 2011) -- final proofread

By Bernard Schaffer:
Guns of Seneca 6 (Oct 2011) -- proofread, minor editing
Ancient Rituals (Jan 2012) -- edit, proofread
Superbia (Jan 2012) -- edit, proofread
Codename: Omega (March 2012) -- edit, proofread
Superbia 2 (March 2012) -- edit, proofread
Simple E-book Formatting (May 2012) -- proofread
Magnificent Guns of Seneca 6 (July 2012) -- edit, proofread

By Susan Smith-Josephy:
Two as-yet unnamed short story collections -- edit, proofread still inprogress

By William Vitka:
Infected (coming soon) -- proofread, minor edits
Emergence -- edit, in progress

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