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Monday, February 10, 2014

Single Shoulder Strap Pattern/Tutorial

Just in case you missed it, a couple of weeks ago, I posted the pattern for my Blog Collection Round Hobo Bag, possibly my favorite bag so far. Although that Windmill bag... Maybe I should just refrain from playing favorites.

Anyhow, because the straps of the bags in this collection are meant to be interchangeable, I chose not to post it all in one go. That, and I had yet to write up a coherent pattern.

Please be aware that the instructions for the strap are specific to the Round Hobo Bag, but a quick note about changing it up for other bags follows the pattern.


Single Shoulder Strap

chain 120, do not turn, skip next 54 sts

Design Note:  For now, ignore those 54 skipped stitches, but you may want to mark the first and last skipped stitch so they're easier to find later.

Round 1:  being careful not to twist chain, connect to next st w/sc, sc in next 53 sts, sc in each ch across (174 sts)

Round 2:  sc in each of next 53 sts, skip next st, sc in each of next 119 sts, skip last st (172 sts)

Round 3:  skip 1st st, sc in next 51 sts, skip next 2 sts, sc in each of next 117 sts, skip last st (168 sts)

Round 4:  skip 1st st, sc in next 49 sts, skip next 2 sts, sc in next 115 sts, skip last st (164 sts)

Round 5:  skip 1st st, sk in next 47 sts, skip next 2 sts, sc in next 114 sts, join w/sl st in 1st st (161 sts)

finish off, weave in ends
(opposite side) Round 1:  connect w/sc at 1st skipped st, sc in next 53 sts, sc in each unused loop of ch (174 sts)
Rounds 2-5:  repeat Rounds 2-5 above

finish off, weave in all ends
Modifying this strap to fit any bag is fairly simple. Instead of skipping 54 stitches, use the stitch count of the last row/round of your bag. Divide your total stitch count by two. This is the number of stitches you will skip.
In the coming months, as I post other bags from this series, I will also post the how-to's for their respective straps including a slightly narrower shoulder strap and a much shorter rolled handle. In the meantime, have fun playing with this one.
Happy Crocheting!


  1. approximately how much yarn do you need for this pattern?

    1. The entire bag requires approximately 5 balls of yarn, but the strap itself, about 1. If I can answer any other questions, feel free to drop them here.