"No matter how terrified you may be, own your fear and take that leap anyway because whether you land on your feet or on your butt, the journey is well worth it."
-- Laurie Laliberte
"If your dreams do not scare you, they are not big enough."
-- Ellen Johnson Sirleaf
"Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage."
-- Anais Nin

Sunday, August 1, 2010

I could use a break, but. . .

Project A
I'm on a roll.  In the past two weeks, I've completed, perfected, and written four patterns.  I found a free online resource so I could translate my .wps files to .pdf which means I could post my patterns for sale without having to pay almost $100 for Adobe Acrobat.  I tried, and failed to teach myself how to use the trial version of Acrobat9.  I posted three of those patterns on four different websites (and sold several copies).  I filled orders for email and packaged items.  I found an online resource where I could buy not-quite-first quality yarn at dirt cheap prices so I don't have to waste my top quality yarn when I make prototypes (and frog them, and make them, and frog them....you get the picture.)  And I blogged; I tweeted; I face booked; I connected with old friends and made some new ones.  Whew!

Project B
So why can't I stop for a minute and take a breath?  Because I'm the creative type and a workaholic.  Anyone out there who has ever pursued artistic endeavors has got to know what I mean.  The last good idea could very well be the last good idea.  Creativity is fleeting so you have to hang on to that great idea and guide it to it's completion.  Whether you're a writer (or blogger), a woodworker, a painter, a sculptor, or a crafter you know that the design doesn't come from your hands.  If it were that simple, then I could easily give my hands a few days off and just sit back and do some for-pleasure-only crocheting or reading or. . .whatever.  But it's not that simple.

Creativity comes from your head.  Now, some of you may argue that it comes from your heart, but think about it. . .really think about it.  Your passion for your craft most definitely comes from your heart.  Without heart, it's not craft; it's just work.  Without heart, "good enough" really is good enough.  Without heart, any schmuck can do what we do.  But the creativity, that initial spark that lights the fire that becomes the passion that is craftsmanship. . .that, my friends, comes from the brain.  And when my brain finds an idea, it holds that idea like a moray eel holds its prey.  My brain begs me to put pen to paper until finally all that creativity sparks that fire in my heart, where it lights the wildfire of passion which rages down my arm and becomes a paragraph, or a drawing, or a diagram.  Then my mind can rest, but not for long, because my hands go to work to perfect the idea.  They work, and they correct, and they fine tune until, finally, a finished product emerges that my brain decides is worthy of being called done.

Project D
But what happens when project A is still under construction when an idea for project B finds the need to emerge?  And then there's project C. . .and project D. . .uh oh.  Can  you see where I'm headed here?  Well, I'll give you a true scenario to illustrate my point: 

Project A was an experiment that worked out pretty well.  I had just about finished Project A when I got the idea for Project B.  Great!  I could get right onto Project B without a break.  But then Project C hit me.  Hmmm. . .Well, I could do a quick sketch of Project C then go back to Project B, finish it and move on to Project C.  That didn't happen.  I ended up working on Project B and Project C simultaneously for a bit, but Project C didn't really go as easily as planned, so I put it aside and finished Project B (which is probably what I should have done in the first place).  Just as I finished Project B I had a brainstorm.  I would make two versions of Project C.  That's how Project D came to light.  I worked on Project D while I continued to work the bugs out of Project C.  Not surprisingly, Project D found it's way to completion first, but Project C was well underway.  Finally, just hours ago, I put Project C to bed.

I should be happy, right?  Well, I am. . .happy.  I'm happy, but I'm not satisfied.  Why?  Because only minutes before I sat down to write this blog entry Project E found it's way into my brain. . .and into my heart. . .and down my arm. . .

Cue the music:  wah wah wah waaaaaaaaaaaah.
And finally, Project C


  1. Love it! And I totally know the feeling! So what's project E?? I cannot wait to see. I mean, I love the others! I am about 1/3 of the way through the tiny bubbles pattern and I LOVE the yarn I chose. Also, I updated my rav project with the chubby nubby :) Oh yeah, and I am still trying to write 2 patterns as I work on completing yours haha

    Here's to a successful project E!

  2. Thanks Megan!

    I'm really trying to get away from scrubby patterns for a bit, but they just keep coming! I'll give you a hint: The working title for Project E is "Grandpa's Sweater Scrubby." If it looks half as good in real life as it does in my brain, it's gonna' be adorable. I've also been toying with a couple of kitchen towels to match my existing scrubbies, AND just as I was writing this comment to you, I thought of a way to do a towel to match the new design. So is that project F, G, or H? LOL

    I actually need to send out a heartfelt thanks to my readers, tweeps, and facebook friends for this creative burst. I really owe it all to you. Your comments and feedback have fueled this momentum. Okay, how about Project J: a freebie designed to match the Big Girl Scrubby that started this jag in the first place?

    I did get a break today because my internet has been down since about 11:00 last night. Is that what we call karma?

    LOL....Thank you all so much for reading and commenting both publicly and privately.

  3. I had to pop in and add a few words because i follow Deepak Chopra on Twitter (@DeepakChopra) and he (or more likely one of his representatives) tweeted this just a few minutes ago: "Inspiration is that state in which mind and heart are connected." anyhow, it reminded me of this post.